Representing Yourself in Court

Below are several sources of information for persons who do not have a lawyer. The information is not legal advice and does
not take the place of an attorney.

How to Sue in Justice Court

This handbook is not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer and is intended for general information concerning how to sue in small claims court.

Tenants' Rights Handbook

This handbook is for residential tenants and is published by the TYLA. It's our goal that the use of this handbook will explain many of the questions and legal issues.


What Can a Justice of the Peace Do For You?

By Janet Villareal (article in
Many in the community are not aware of the services provided at their local courthouse. Some Justice of the Peace precincts are actually located at these courthouses, which means you can get more than just information about registering your vehicle, or applying for a marriage license. They offer so much more.

The Beckley Courthouse in Oak Cliff, where the Hon. Judge Jasso presides over cases, is one of many courthouses around the metroplex where you can file small claims law suits, requiring that they’re less than $10,000.

The Hon. Judge Juan Jasso, has an open door policy for anyone wanting to find out if they have a case to file, or questions regarding issuance of Peace Bonds, occupational drivers licenses, etc. Although he cannot provide any legal advice or give any promises on the outcome, he can help determine whether his court can hear your particular type of case.

For more information and hours of availability, please visit the Beckley Courthouse located at 410 S. Beckley Dallas, Texas 75203, or call 214-943-5981.


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